My Philosophy


My Philosophy

I prefer a bit of schizophrenia in my work—strategy, creative, implementation, and analysis—and love being challenged by broad responsibilities. Focus and concentration have their place, but you have to be ready to shift gears at a moment's notice.

I learn from everything, whether it's dusty old books, questionable reality television, theoretical physics, or my own mistakes. Education never stops, and the answer is often staring you in the face if you can find a way to see it.

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My Story

My Story

I hail from Kinfolk Holler, a shady recess of the Appalachian Mountains in northeast Tennessee. After spending my early years slaying dragons (I think), chopping trees (for real), and playing concerts for cows (no comment), I packed up and headed to school in western Pennsylvania.

Four years on, I split the distance and settled in Arlington, VA, spending six months up to my ears transcribing Nixon Library oral histories. Simultaneously fascinating and infuriating (though not in the way you'd think), it was soon apparent there were better ways to pass the time.

I moved into pre- and post-production, helming accessibility, design, and development across media for everyone from the US Marshals and Federal Reserve to HGTV and Charlie Rose. We even earned a vicarious Emmy nod for "The Spill" on Frontline.

Two years and one love/hate relationship with a Betacam SP UVW-1800 later, I fled the Capitol for Italy and the Old World. Aimless in the heavens and hells of the Renaissance, I found a love for design and came back with my MFA.

I arrived back in the holler by way of Kathmandu, Bangkok, and Sydney, then promptly traced the thin line of I-40 across the continent to Las Vegas. Now the globe comes together in caricature on my morning commute.

Forged in the South, wrought in the North, used in the Capitol, recast in the Boot, and laboring on in Sin.


My Résumé

My Résumé

Strategy, content, design, development—I love the challenge of crafting the best solution that tailored content and informed design can provide. Take a gander at my qualifications, or download the full portfolio for cozy desktop viewing.



  • Content strategy

  • Copywriting

  • Editing

  • Design (print, web, interface)

  • Marketing

  • Project planning/management

  • Technical writing


  • Development (HTML/CSS)

  • Digital signage

  • Photography

  • Videography


  • Adobe Create Suite

  • Four Winds Interactive

  • Jive SBS

  • Sitecore

  • Microsoft Office Suite

  • OS X & Windows


MFA / Graphic Design

Florence Institute of Design International
Florence, Tuscany, Italy
August 2010 – June 2011

BA / Communication & History

Grove City College
Grove City, PA, USA
August 2004 – May 2008


AIVA: Communicator Awards

2014 / Film/Video: Employee Communication
The Cosmopolitan, "Pickup Stories" / Won
The Cosmopolitan, "First Time" / Won

Achievers: 50 Most Engaged Workplaces

2013 / The Cosmopolitan / Won
2012 / The Cosmopolitan / Won

Emmy Awards: News & Documentary

2011 / Frontline, "The Spill" / Vicarious nomination


Creative Director

Poker Central/PokerGO
Las Vegas, NV, USA / November 2018 – present


Art Director

BlazeTV & Poker Central/PokerGO
Washington, DC, USA / November 2015 – November 2018


Graphic Designer

Washington, DC, USA / February – November 2015



The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas
Las Vegas, NV, USA / October 2011 – February 2015

“Designer” is a misnomer here, with responsibilities that extended far beyond the title’s accepted definition:

  • Developed campaign creative across the board, from art and concerts to policies and benefits.

  • Wrote and edited copy for every level of the organization, from chiefs to contractors.

  • Analyzed, reported, and improved processes to maximize impact, understanding, and service.

  • Managed communities and determine content strategy across mediums.

  • Documented, managed, and taught systems and strategy—including communication, social, and signage.

  • Managed projects—including creative, events, training, and upgrades.

We saw consistent, exponential growth in guest service, employee satisfaction, and user engagement, continuing to innovate and set a high bar for the hospitality and gaming industries.

I was right, wrong, stressed, elated, scared, sure, and—sometimes—sane. Above all, I was challenged, testing limits and dependencies on a daily basis and bringing all manner of ideas to life.



Sprout Technology Services
Bhaisepati Awash, Lalitpur, Nepal / July 2010 – September 2011

It’s a privilege to be part of something meaningful, no matter how small the role—Sprout was that for me. In between classes, projects, and abandoned Tuscan buildings, I was able to help create production transcripts for shows and specials at Discovery, National Geographic, PBS, and The Smithsonian.

But the real impact and reward was far away from Western televisions. Just outside Kathmandu, Sprout educated and employed native Nepali men and women, giving them valuable technical expertise and the opportunity to put it to use on exciting projects for companies around the world.

Sprout has now grown and morphed into CloudFactory and continues to innovate and deliver valuable services to users and employees around the world.



National Capitol Contracting
Arlington, VA, USA / August 2008 – July 2010

Starting with 10 people tapping out event transcripts for everyone from the Nixon Library to the Federal Reserve, we waded into production transcripts for HGTV and Charlie Rose, finally diving into multimedia with accessibility design and development.

  • Enjoyed broad responsibility for accessibility, media design & development, web design & development, print design, photography, transcription, and editing

  • Mastered analog and digital formats, including Betacam, VHS, DVD, Flash, HTML/CSS

  • Managed diverse projects, including real-time, post-production, and multimedia

In under two years, we expanded capability and services exponentially, gaining new government and private sector clients across industries. We also had a hand in implementing new online accessibility standards to ensure free and accurate flow of information to everyone.